SPS Holds A Vision

To nurture the Indian children from this land of saints to develop into Individuals “Who Strive –To seek- To found and Not to Yield”.

We raise Children, to become the finest Gentlemen & Women who hold the “ Spirit of Service” and ‘ Humility’ and for whom winning is no more just defined as defeating some one . So they can lead a life filled with purpose, Success & Harmony.

Children here are fostered to grow up into ‘Self Reliant’ Individuals who can kindle the light of reason and can break the shackles of any Inadequacy by their time less strivings to settle down for nothing less than excellence.

School endeavours to attract the best talent to teach & Facilitate the growth of our Children . We are a caring community and fulfilling student’s need is our priority. We have clear academic and behavioural expectations from our students . And as any other institute of quality SPS education can never be taken away from your child. Perhaps it is the best gift you can give to him or her.

Dr. Ritu Bhanot, Principal

We welcome your consideration of us as “School of Choice” for your child.