SPS holds a vision   –    To nurture the Indian children from this land of saints to develop into

                                                    Individuals “ Who  Strive –To seek- To found  and  Not  to Yield”

We  raise Children, to become the finest Gentlemen & Women who hold the

“ Spirit of Service” and ‘ Humility’ and for whom  winning  is no more  just

defined as defeating  some  one . So they can lead a life filled with purpose,

Success  & Harmony.

Children  here are fostered to grow up into ‘ Self Reliant’ Individuals who can kindle the light of reason and can break the shackles  of  any  Inadequacy by their time less strivings  to settle down for nothing less than excellence .

School endeavours to attract the best talent to teach & Facilitate the growth of our  Children . We are a caring community and  fulfilling  student’s  need  is  our priority. We have clear academic and behavioural expectations from our  students . And as any other institute of quality SPS education can never be taken  away  from   your child.   Perhaps  it is the  best  gift you can give to him or her.

                    We welcome your consideration of us as

                   “School of Choice”   for your child.



  Dr.Narotam Singh - a multifaceted genius, having striven for long years in his pursuits of Philanthropy with a sense of his personal commitment to humanism, 

creativity, creative learning and social welfare; the great philanthropist envisioned quality schools, to cater the needs of global society of 21st century under the name "State Publlc Schools". To begin with, State Public School, Nakodar was incepted on March  19,  2000, then  State Public School Shahkot came into existence on April 26,2003 followed by  inception of State Public School Jalandhar Cantt on April 09, 2006.Our Hon’ble President Dr. Narotam Singh took little time to transform his vision : Value Based Education & Holistic development of the child into a mission i.e. Strive to achieve Target and Excellence in education .

Our schools endeavour to identify, enhance and utilize the strengths of each child to build in him/her, the power of concentration, memory, thought, imagination and ability to communicate to lead a wholesome.

Our schools provide True Education to the children by equipping them with skills and attitudes required to achieve success within the frame work of time tested values. In todays competitive and stressful professional environment, education needs to provide a pedestal to our students where they feel heard; understood and cared .


May Group of State Public Schools under the dynamic leadership of Honble President - Dr. Narotam Singh emerge triumphant in all its attempts to cultivate cultural, social, moral and spiritual values and continue to inspire the children and patronize them.

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